ShuksanShepherd and Allen represent clients who have been injured by the negligence, carelessness or misconduct of others. We have the experience and ability to take all reasonable steps and necessary actions to achieve justice for our clients; including mediation, arbitration, trial and/or appeal.

Our belief and experience is that insurance companies do not care about your injuries or loss; they care about keeping the money paid by the other party to cover your injuries, damages or business losses. The remarkable propaganda advanced by insurance companies and/or large powerful corporations is intended to make injured and damaged people fear lawyers and fear litigation. This fear often allows insurance companies to retain the wealth fairness requires them to pay to others.

We understand people injured by the carelessness, lies, or misconduct of others have three choices: forget about it, self-help, or enter into the justice system and seek a fundamentally fair resolution of the harm caused. We respect those who make the challenging decision to hire experienced and ethical attorneys to assist them in this difficult journey.

While we offer the results of some of our prior cases, we hesitate to describe the cases and results. The brief synopses provided do not adequately describe the harm caused to our clients, or their community, by the negligence or misconduct of others. Our results do not demonstrate what a remarkable gift the clients gave in trusting us during a demanding and extraordinary journey. Finally, while it may appear we were responsible for the results, it is our clients who are mainly responsible for the results, along with the people who are willing to sit on the juries and decide our client’s matters. We repeatedly see and clearly understand that clients who follow our advice and who are willing to tell their story to strangers are responsible for the fair and just results we describe.