Provided below is a summary of some of our results over the last 30 years.

In a medical malpractice trial against a hospital for a client who lost two fingers when he followed incorrect oral and written instructions provided by a hospital related to treatment of an injured hand.

After a jury trial and two appeals, for a developer client for damages for breach of two construction loan agreements by a Savings and Loan, whose assets were taken by the United States after the Savings and Loan went into receivership.

Settlement for the death of a man caused by a head on collision with a negligent driver.

Policy limits settlement with an insurance company for a malpractice claim.

Settlement, during trial, with the insurance company of an attorney on a claim for legal malpractice.

For a woman who suffered permanent soft tissue injuries and PTSD in an automobile collision.

For an 83 year old man, who died of medical complications related to an auto collision.

Settlement for insurance policy limits, after two lawsuits, for medical negligence.

Arbitration award for a man who suffered permanent soft tissue injuries in an auto collision.

More than $300,000,000
Settlement two weeks before trial, with several insurance companies for business interruption lost profits covered by the client’s policies of insurance related to the loss of income caused by the negligence of a third party.

For a woman, after trial, from her ex-husband ten years after their divorce for failure to disclose all property owned by the community at the time of their divorce.

For the wife of a motorcycle rider, who was killed by the negligence of another driver.

More than $100,000,000
For a technology company, after ten years and two lawsuits related to the ownership of patents and intellectual property.

Verdict for a woman who was rear ended by a semi-truck at 10 miles per hour, for permanent soft tissue injuries.