When I was rear-ended by a large truck, it felt like I would never walk or work again.  While I was able to walk and work again, it was with substantial pain and great difficulties.  While no bones were broken, the collision impacted all aspects of my life.  The defendant driver’s attorney, at every opportunity, tried to make me out to be a liar and a malingerer.  Before trial, I was offered little for permanent soft tissue damage that caused daily pain, loss of the ability to do or enjoy certain activities, and a reduction in the number of hours I was able to work.  We went to a jury trial, which was both a frightening and fascinating experience for me.  At trial, the jury awarded me $962,500.  I will be forever grateful to Shepherd and Allen for the way they prepared me for trial, tried my case and cared about me.

Bellingham Personal Injury Client


Prior to retaining Shepherd and Allen, our company was represented, for four years, by law firms in Seattle.  The legal matter was complex and expensive litigation related to a breach of contract by a government entity.  After four years, we were deeply dissatisfied with our prior attorneys.  Our business and livelihood were at risk.  We were wisely advised to talk to Shepherd and Allen.  We immediately understood the obvious difference between our prior counsel and Doug Shepherd.  Quickly, Doug reviewed and grasped the difficult legal and factual issues in our case.  He knew and developed the relevant evidence to prove that the breach of contract caused us millions of dollars in damages.

Doug was committed to our case and our interests.  Doug and his staff obviously truly cared.  They were diligent; our matter was never put aside.  Doug did an excellent job of explaining the complexities of our case in a way that we understood what was happening at all times.

After more than ten (10) years and during the first week of trial, we received justice through a large multi-million dollar settlement.  We will be forever grateful to Shepherd and Allen.

Bellingham Business Client


We’ve been enjoying our vindication for the last month, all the while realizing that it all might have turned out much differently were it not for the work you did on our behalf. While we know you are dismissive of the hero worship your participation in the trial has generated, all we know is that as soon as you started arguing the case in front of the jury a lot of our fears were diminished. We will be forever grateful to you for working to give us our lives back and to ensure for the whole community that our basic rights will not be eliminated by the whim of a small group of people.

Bellingham Business Clients