Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal injury is an injury to your body or mind that causes pain, disability and/or loss of function at work, home, and the ability to fully enjoy life. Again, insurance companies sell policies to drivers, property owners, and businesses to compensate others harmed by the policy holder’s negligence.

Through the civil justice system we seek accountability and compensation for the harm caused by the wrongful conduct of others, whether negligent or intentional. Examples of personal injury claims include, but are not limited to: motor vehicle collisions; premises injuries; and intentional torts, such as assault.

Below are some examples of personal injury awards and settlements we obtained for our clients.

A business man suffered permanent soft tissue damages when he was slammed into while exiting his driveway onto a public roadway. The negligent driver of the other car was speeding. Before arbitration, the insurance company of the negligent driver offered our client $70,000. The arbitrators awarded our client $850,000.

A truck driver’s arm was broken by a negligent fork lift owner. Before trial, the insurance company for the fork lift company offered our client $60,000.00. At trial, we asked the jury for $417,000. The jury awarded $417,000.

A woman was rear-ended at 10 miles per hour by a semi-truck. Before being rear-ended the woman had substantial pre-existing back limitations. The collision exacerbated pre-existing conditions and caused permanent soft tissue injuries. Before trial, our client was offered our client $50,000. The jury awarded $962,500.

A full tenured college professor suffered soft tissue injuries and PTSD as a result of crashing into an unlit tractor trailer, which was backed across the highway at night. Initially, the negligent truck driver’s insurance company offered $15,000. Later, the insurance company offered $60,000. After litigation began, the insurance company offered $115,000. Just before trial, the matter was settled for over $800,000.

“When will justice come? When those who are not injured become as indignant as those who are.” – Leo Tolstoy