4 Essential Qualities to Look for In a Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re getting ready to take someone to court for a personal injury, you need a lawyer on your side that is truly on your side. Personal injuries are traumatic – the last thing you want is to feel re-victimized by the person who is supposed to be helping you. Though you can never be absolutely sure, there are some qualities that can help ensure a positive outcome.

They Are Experienced and Have a Quality Reputation

You want an attorney that knows how to handle your case, so the first step is to find one experienced in personal injuries. You also want someone who is respected by their clients. The best way to find a lawyer that fits both is to ask around. Friends, family, and coworkers are often good sources. Community pages on social media can be a good place to ask. Also, don’t forget to take a look at their Google reviews, as these can be very telling.

They’re Honest From the Start

You need to know the truth about your case. You don’t need to be strung along just so your attorney can make more money. A good attorney will be honest with you from the first meeting. They’ll be truthful about your chances of winning, tell you if they think it’s a losing battle, and be transparent about how much they’ll charge you.

They Treat You Like a Human – Not a Paycheck

Everyone goes to work to get paid – and your lawyer is no different. However, they should treat you like you’re more than a job. You’ve been through a trauma, and your lawyer should understand and respect that. They don’t have to hug you and literally hold your hand, but they should have compassion. And they should be happy to walk you through the process and do their part to reduce the burden you carry.

They Communicate In a Way You Can Understand

Legal terminology is their specialty – not yours. You shouldn’t be expected to understand everything they mean. If a lawyer cannot speak to you in a normal manner or answer your questions in a way you can understand, they’re probably not the partner for you.

A personal injury is not fun to deal with – neither is a court case. Having a good attorney on your side, however, can make the entire process a bit less stressful, so take the time to find one with the qualities mentioned above.