6 Forms Of Housing Discrimination You Should Know

Theoretically, housing discrimination should be a thing of the past. However, enactment of the Federal Fair Housing Act, few reports have indicated that the vice is still present. Recently, a report in the Daily News exposed a landlord who made it difficult for families with small children to get housing. According to the report, Parkoff Organization denied African American a place in one of its Brooklyn apartments.
Where to Report Housing Discrimination
If you are facing housing discrimination, there are various places that you can launch a complaint. Fair Housing Justice Center is one of the areas. The center is responsible for building the case that was reported on the Daily Nation after carrying out investigations.
Discriminatory Practices
There are various forms of housing discrimination that you should know. Some are obvious, while others are a bit technical. Irrespective of its classification, you need to seek legal actions against any form of discrimination because the law is loud and clear about it.
Deliberate Discriminatory Refusal
If a landlord refuses to rent or sell a house based on your race, religion and such unlawful forms of discrimination, it is illegal.
Intentionally Unavailing A House
Like in the case reported, the landlord made a house for rent unavailable because the prospective clients had small kids and were found to be misconduct.
Unequal Terms or conditions
Some landlords make different terms of house renting in a way to discriminate or prevent a specific group of people from accessing housing. Such actions are not only unlawful but offensive. On the investigated report, this offense was spotted where the landlord was charging different amount of rent for the same apartment. It was found that the landlord was charging more than $100 for black testers as compared to the white.
Discriminatory Adverts
This is less common as compared to past years. If you find out that a landlord has printed information barring others from renting or buying property then you know it is unlawful and should be addressed through a legal process.
This can be difficult to identify as it can come in various hidden forms. Some landlords or realtors may harass or threaten you from getting a house. Coercion is another form of intimidation as well as sexual harassment.
It is a profound insult to treat someone differently in as far as housing is concerned. House being a basic need should be free for all to access. Housing practices should be legal, free and fair to all. Heads of Parkoff Organization refused to comment.