A Fort Worth Nurse is Considering a Lawsuit as She Faces Lifelong Injuries After Elevator Mishap

A Day Like Any Other

On January 20, 56-year-old Carren Stratford was hard at work as part of her normal duties taking care of her patients. What should have been a normal day turned into a nightmare as her life was changed forever by an encounter with an elevator that was not operating as it should.

As the elevator was going up, Carren’s right foot became caught in the equipment as the elevator continued to rise. She was crushed and received extensive brain and internal injuries.

Severe, Unnecessary Trauma

In what should have been a safe place where she could be protected and healed, Carren suffered extreme damages from which she will never fully recover. Her brain was deprived of oxygen for so long that she suffered hypoxia, a dangerous condition which can cause permanent damage to other important organs.

Carren was in a coma for 15 days, after which she spent a week going in and out of consciousness.

Dedicated Nurse and Family Woman

Carren Stratford is 56 years old and was working as a nurse at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth before her tragic accident. Known as a dependable and helpful worker, she took on extra shifts to try to visit her family in Kenya.

Carren has two adult children, who have been by her side as she recovers in the hospital. She was finally able to mouth the words “I love you” to them.

Hospital Statement

Chief Executive Officer Robert Earley has expressed concern and sadness on behalf of the hospital because of Ms. Stratford’s injuries. He says that the hospital is considering legal action against the elevator maintenance company, thyssenkrupp, or TKE.

Chief Executive Officer Early is searching for another company that can better provide elevator safety. He explained in a public statement how devastating it was for the hospital to see one of its own injured, and how the hospital had believed that they could trust a company holding itself out as an expert.

Frank Branson, the attorney for Carren Stafford’s family, said the hospital’s actions after the incident were commendable but they are still considering filing a lawsuit.