A Lack of Safety Features in Cars Come Under Fire in Infrastructure Bill

Recently, the country received a bit of good news when Congress finally got around to passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill. This is a bill that includes a significant amount of spending for railways, bridges, roads, and other significant projects. Furthermore, the bill also includes provisions for bicyclists, pedestrians, and those who ride motorcycles. This bill will also provide funding for environmental cleanup projects, public transportation, and better internet access.

Even though there is a lot of good information in the bill, a lot of people are concerned that it emits a number of key safety requirements. For example, crash avoidance technology and cars, improved monitoring systems for distracted driving, and better safety standards for the seats used in cars have all been left out of the bill. A lot of people are also concerned about a lack of safety provisions for children, babies, and pedestrians who might be struck by cars. Many members of the public have raised concerns regarding these key omissions.

Finally, one of the biggest concerns is that used cars that have been recalled could be sold to other members of the public before the defects in the cars have been repaired. A car is recalled when there is a significant safety concern that threatens the driver, passengers, or other members of the public. A lot of people are surprised to hear that used car dealerships are not required to repair these recalled vehicles before they can sell them to somebody else.

Even though the bill does have a long way to go before it reaches final approval, it is important to highlight some issues with the bill. Even though it is good that new technology is being added, improved lighting is being included, and safer streets are being created, a large number of people are very concerned about the lack of used car safety in the bill. In addition, many people are concerned that children could be left in the car, where they might contract heatstroke and die. It will be interesting to see if these issues are addressed before the bill is finally passed. Everyone has to make sure they place safety first, particularly when it comes to recall issues with vehicles.