Chicago is No Flint: Citizens Fight Back Over Water Contamination

In the wake of the Flint water crisis and close scrutiny of municipal resource use, Chicago residents filed a huge class action lawsuit against the city. These residents allege that the city of Chicago began many construction projects knowing that they would increase the likelihood of lead in the drinking water supply. The city allegedly did not warn its residents of this increased risk, nor did they try to educate the populace on ways to reduce the risk of being contaminated by lead.

Drinking Chicago Water is Like Playing Russian Roulette?

Chicago-water-lawsuitMunicipal resource expert Marc Edwards made the above reference in response to the allegations of Chicago residents against the city. His statement seems to coincide with the behavior of city officials stated in the lawsuit. Chicago apparently gave inaccurate information to its residents about the ongoing construction, even as studies showed that the projects could actually release lead into the water supply for years after the construction had been completed.

The city currently states as policy that simply running the water through a tap in a household is enough to combat the release of lead into the supply. However, they fail to mention the corrosion of the pipes that the construction would likely cause according to the lawsuit.

Did the City Know the Risks?

The lawsuit is seeking medical compensation for residents of Chicago that have been affected. There is also a fund created specifically to educate Chicago about the hazards that the city’s construction projects are causing.

Are You Yuriy Ropiy?

Yuriy Ropiy is one of the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Ropiy suffered unexplained issues with his health including symptoms of a heart attack. Not surprisingly, Ropiy and his wife lived next to a construction project that the city recently conducted.

Steven Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman, is the firm that is taking the class action to court. If you are a resident of Chicago and you believe that you are at risk of lead poisoning because of recent construction around the city, you are advised to contact Hagens Berman.