Choosing a Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury Attorney

The country has gone through a tough time during the past few months and families are starting to feel the sting. This has brought issues such as personal injury law and workers’ compensation claims to the forefront. To know if people have a case, they need to speak with the right attorney. For those who are looking for legal representation involving personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, there are a few factors they need to consider.

Paying Attention to Credentials and Experience

It is easy to get sucked in by flashy advertisements and beautiful websites; however, in order for someone to figure out if they have truly found the person that is right for them, they need to look at credentials and experience. Ask the lawyer about his or her training in the legal field. Then, ask about experience. Try to figure out what types of cases that the attorney has litigated in the past. While every case is different, there are similarities among certain personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. A good attorney should be able to speak to this during an initial consultation.

What To Watch For When Choosing a Lawyer

When speaking with an attorney, there are also a few red flags that people should watch for. Most importantly, be very wary of any attorney or lawyer who promises certain results. The reality is that no attorney can predict the future. Even if a case seems like it is as close to a “sure thing” as possible, there is no telling what will happen once motions get filed and other attorneys get involved. Therefore, no attorney should ever promise a client a certain result.

How Do Payments Work for Attorneys in this Field?

Every attorney is going to have a different payment structure; however, there are a few common themes. If someone is filing a personal injury or workers’ compensation lawsuit, these attorneys usually work on contingency fees. This means that the attorney does not get paid unless the client wins and receives some financial award. Then, the lawyer takes a percentage of this award as his or her payment. These are a few of the most important factors that people should consider when looking for an attorney.