Coach’s discrimination lawsuit against Kean & NCAA rejected in court

It’s a new year for new beginnings, with a former Kean University coach ending her 2015 with a dismissal in the courtroom. The former women’s basketball coach Michele Sharp filed a lawsuit against the NCAA and Kean University claiming that both parties conspired to frame her for various NCAA violations. Sharp also claimed that she was being discriminated (by both parties) due to her gender.

Michele-Sharp-lawsuit-NCAAUnfortunately, Sharp’s lawsuit held no facts regarding gender-based discrimination from the NCAA, which was in addition to being nowhere near a plausible lawsuit against Kean University (according to Judge William Martini’s opinion).

Judge Martini then dismissed Sharp’s claims filed against Kean, the NCAA, and university employees (past and present). Sharp’s allegations went on to claim that the NCAA violated federal and state RICO laws, which led to Kean University’s retaliation from Sharp due to her criticism regarding the NCAA’s violations placed against her.

Judge Martini also dismissed Sharp’s claim of malpractice that was placed against the Jackson Lewis firm, which was the law firm that represented her throughout the NCAA’s initial investigation of Kean University.

Kean University’s spokeswoman Susan Kayne stated that the university hasn’t had a moment to read Judge Martini’s ruling regarding the lawsuit. As far as the attorneys for the NCAA and Sharp, they couldn’t be reached the following day after the trial. Martin Aron, known as the local counsel for the Jackson Lewis law firm, stated the firm chooses to not comment regarding the litigation in which it is involved in.

Michelle Sharp is known as the person who took over as Kean’s women’s basketball coach in 1998. Under her guidance, Sharp re-established the team as an unstoppable Division III force. However, it was in 2012 when she was demoted to overseeing the campus weight room as allegations spread that Sharpe had violated NCAA rules. Kean University stated that Sharpe is an assistant athletic director who pulls in $92,000 a year for her expertise.