Common Antacid Zantac Might Expose People to the Carcinogen NDMA

Over the past few years, cancer has become more common. As people live longer, they simply have a greater chance of developing cancer. Sadly, there are also common medications that over-the-counter products that could make it more likely for someone to develop cancer. One of the most common issues involves Zantac.

Zantac is one of the most common treatment options for gastroesophageal reflux disease, usually shortened to GERD. For people who suffer from heartburn, they have probably taken Zantac at some point during the course of their life. Some of the most common symptoms of heartburn include chest pain, the feeling of a sour or metallic taste in the mouth, and a burning sensation in the esophagus. Even though many people have relied on Zantac for years, there is new evidence emerging that Zantac might cause cancer.

Recently, it was unveiled that the manufacturing process behind Zantac might be exposing people to dangerously high levels of a certain chemical substance called NDMA. There are other medications that have been rumored to contain NDMA as well. If individuals are exposed to NDMA, then this could make it more likely that someone might develop cancer. As a result, the FDA issued a recall for Zantac, which goes by the generic name Ranitidine, and abruptly pulled this come and antacid from all over the country.

Sadly, this might have come too late for numerous people who have already been exposed to Zantac. It is critical for everyone who might have been taking Zantac to visit with their doctor as quickly as possible. That way, if there is any cancer present, it can be diagnosed and treated rapidly, which might lead to a better prognosis.

Then, it is also a good idea for everyone to reach out to a trained legal professional for assistance. Unfortunately, treating cancer can be expensive. These issues could have been avoided if the manufacturers of Zantac had simply used appropriate manufacturing procedures and regulations to avoid exposing people unnecessarily to NDMA. Even though it can be scary to go through the cancer treatment process, nobody has to go through this alone. There are always trained professionals who are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.