Cricket Wireless Class Action Alleges Violations of the ADA

The AT&T Inc. Subsidiary Cricket Wireless or simply Cricket was hit with a proposed civil rights class action lawsuit in the federal court of Florida on 29th November 2017. The suit claimed that their site violates the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) by discriminating the blind and visually impaired users.


Andre Gomez, the complainant who is legally blind and a Miami County resident, surfs the net with the aid of screen-reading software. The software is capable of vocalizing the data or information on the screen of a computer, making it possible for a user to complete online activities such as shopping, banking, and business.


For the technology to operate effectively, the content on the site must be capable of being rendered into text. Thus, if a particular site can’t do this, then the visually impaired or the blind users will be unable to access the information.


Mr. Gomez filed this class action lawsuit claiming he was unable to navigate the Cricket Wireless site, thus barring him from previewing a cell phone and cell phone plan he intended to purchase. He also added that he had intents to get coupons and familiarize himself with awards available at the store.

The plaintiff went ahead to explain how he was denied access to the services and goods available at cricket wireless. There was no ADA button to help him switch the format of the site to what is compatible or readable to the screen-reading software. He further argued that there was no chat handler accessible to the visually impaired or blind, and the site was incapable of skipping the list of repetitive links that make the web experience annoying.

The ADA laws and regulations advocate on the rights of enjoying and having access to public accommodation by persons living with a disability. The class action lawsuit aims at bringing together all individuals who have been denied access to information, just like Gomez. In fact, the plaintiff is seeking a certificate to push the defendant to incorporate ADA policies and get compensation for the damages caused by Cricket Wireless.