Death of Emantic Bradford Leads to Lawsuit Against Unnamed Hoover, AL Police Officer

It has been a year since the army soldier Emantic “EJ” Bradford was killed while walking around a mall on Thanksgiving. Sadly, his death came at the hands of an unnamed Hoover, AL police officer. As loved ones continue to grieve, which is particularly challenging during the holiday season, Bradford’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the city of Hoover and the unnamed police officer. The lawsuit was filed by Emantic Bradford’s mother, April Pipkins.

Allegations in the Wrongful Death Suit

Ms. Pipkins is alleging that the officer ignored his training and violated the policy of the police department when he decided not to turn on his body camera. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the officer did not issue any verbal commands to Mr. Bradford prior to drawing his weapon and opening fire. Finally, the officer did not attempt to ascertain whether Mr. Bradford posed any threat to the officer before he shot him to death.

A Life of Service

Mr. Bradford was a member of the military as a combat engineer in the United States Army. He always sought to help others, which he was doing the night he was killed. On Thanksgiving of last year, he was with his family at a local shopping mall. That evening, an unrelated individual began firing on shoppers. Mr. Bradford, who had a permit for his firearm, drew his weapon and started to escort people to safety. That was when the unnamed police officer drew his weapon and killed Mr. Bradford.

City Denies Wrongdoing

The Attorney General for the state of Alabama stated back in February that no case would be brought against the officer. Furthermore, the Justice Department will not be initiating any civil rights case against the officer. The city has also stood by its officer and has stated it will continue to continue to do so in the wake of this lawsuit.

Questions Surround the Case

One of the key citations in the lawsuit is that the authorities have delivered shifting narratives of the encounter. The reports provide shifting accounts of what Mr. Bradford was doing prior to and during the shooting. The family is seeking answers to these questions and justice in the loss of their loved one.