Disney – We Need Compensations!

Recently, two lawsuits were filed against Walt Disney World concerning their PeopleMover ride. This transit system takes people on a 10-minute narrated tour of Tomorrowland’s attractions located in the Magic Kingdom.

The first mishap involves The Tregidgo family of New Jersey. In 2015, John and Heather Tregidgo and their two children were in Florida on vacation. They were enjoying the view as their cart slowly moved along. All of a sudden the ride stopped, which resulted in the cart behind them to ram into theirs, causing serious injuries to Heather.

The second event affected the claimant, Kristie Deieso. In 2017, she visited Orlando from New York to have fun on a female-focused vacation. The PeopleMover transport started pulling forward on the rails and then came to a halt about 100 yards from the station. A trailing tram cart collided with the one Kristie was in. Even though the maximum speed of the ride is 7 mph, it still resulted in trauma to her body.

The Damages

The Tregidgo family hired attorney Robert Hemphill, who is collaborating with another advocate, Barry Novack of California. The lawsuit states that the PeopleMover ride is hazardous and a hidden trap, which contributed to Heather requiring two orthopedic surgeries exceeding 175,000 dollars.

Kristie also contacted legal representative, Brian Wilson after experiencing neck and shoulder discomfort. Later on, she needed to have an operation for a ruptured disc in her neck due to the accident at Disney World. Her lawsuit mentioned that her impairment is probably permanent and that it is a strong possibility she might continue to have health issues in the future.

Both Heather and Kristie are seeking more than 15,000 dollars in compensation for their pain and suffering.

It Has Happened Before

These two cases were not the only lawsuits against Disney because of the mechanical issues surrounding the PeopleMover transit system. In 2015, two sisters were riding the tram with a couple of kids, when the carts smashed into each other. This occurrence ended in them being severely injured. In July 2017, the case was closed after a concealed settlement was attained.

As both lawyers, Hemphill and Wilson proceed with their lawsuits, they wonder if Walt Disney World has fixed PeopleMover in light of the past-alleged events.