Eliza Dushku Awarded $9.5 Million From CBS In Sexual Harassment Case

After allegations of sexual harassment on the set of the TV show “Bull,” actress Eliza Dushku has been awarded $9.5 million in a settlement case from CBS. Dushku has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and is most widely known for her role on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” During her three-episode stint on “Bull,” Dushku was harassed repeatedly by the star of the show, Michael Weatherly.

This harassment comes in the wake of allegations against other big names at CBS, including Leslie Moonves, Charlie Rose, and Jeff Fager. All three of these men are no longer working at CBS due to the allegations against them.

The harassment directed toward Dushku came in the form of inappropriate comments, some of which were caught on film. The comments were regarding her appearance, with Weatherly also making insinuations about a threesome and rape. Due to his popularity, some of Weatherly’s comments also prompted other cast and crew members to make similar comments to Dushku.

After Dushku came forward and stood up for herself, confronting Weatherly about his behavior, she was written out of the script. The $9.5 million she was eventually paid in the settlement is the equivalent of the money she would have made if she were not written off the show. Originally, the plan was for her to be on the show for four seasons.

After being confronted, Weatherly stated “When Eliza told me that she wasn’t comfortable with my language and attempt at humor, I… immediately apologized… I am sorry and regret the pain this caused Eliza.”

The fact that Dushku was written off the show after confronting Weatherly is indicative of the culture at CBS. It was only days after Dushku confronted Weatherly that she was written out of the script. After Dushku came forward, she was also reportedly not taken seriously by a CBS lawyer.

Dushku stated that she felt embarrassed and humiliated by the events that happened while she was working on “Bull.” She had originally planned to file a lawsuit but eventually agreed on the cash settlement. As part of the agreement, Dushku is not allowed to speak about her experience, leaving her frustrated. In light of this and other incidents, the culture of CBS continues to be under scrutiny.