Emma Fox “Regretful”: Faces Supreme Court 11 Months After DUI Death of Robby Schartner

Emma Fox is apparently feeling remorseful after a chain of decisions that landed her with a case in the state Supreme Court. The 25-year-old has been charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving, speeding, and two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol. The charges come after she struck and killed 21-year-old college student and lacrosse player, Robby Schartner, who was traveling on foot. According to her lawyer, the tragic event is something she regrets every day.

On the early-morning of Oct. 9, 2016, Fox left alone after drinking and partying with friends at The Pub in Rye and La Quinta Inn & Suites in Armonk. Schartner was walking toward the Manhattanville campus after visiting a string of bars on Mamaroneck Avenue and getting separated from his friends. Fox proceeded to drive her 2012 Nissan Sentra in the same direction he was heading to the school. By record of local police, she hit Schartner near the White Plains overpass.

Fox continued driving about a quarter-mile before stopping to call police. She told the officers she was looking down at directions on her GPS when she hit an unknown object. After finding Schartner’s body near the overpass, White Plains Police arrested Fox. The charges came after they confirmed her breath test showed her BAC as 0.21 percent, 0.13 over the legal limit for driving under the influence. The charges were moved from first-degree to second after conflicting breath test results. The hospital’s test results from an hour and 45 minutes later showed her BAC to only be 0.09 percent.

Now 11 months later, Fox’s case has been transferred from White Plains City Court to state Supreme Court.

According to USA Today, Hall’s attorney stated she remains devastated over the death of her son. She also filed a wrongful death civil suit last month against Emma Fox and the bars that patronized her the night of Schartner’s death.

Meanwhile, the lacrosse team remembered their teammate and took steps to make a difference with the launch of their #TeamThree campaign. The initiative against drunk driving that honors his uniform number went viral, gaining the attention of several notable influencers. Odell Beckham, wide receiver for the New York Giants and the band Aerosmith took notice and helped push the cause.