FedEx and Company Driver are Named in Road Rage Lawsuit

Road rage can affect drivers of any size vehicle, including semis. It can also come back to haunt a driver years later. Such is the case that has just been filed for a 2014 incident between a Fed Ex driver and another semi driver. A truck driver by the name of George Reich has filed a lawsuit against FedEx and also one of their drivers, Rick Crum.

FedEx-driver-lawsuitIn the lawsuit, Reich claims that in November of 2014, FedEx driver Crum began tailgating him on Interstate 5 in Southern California. Crum continued to tailgate for several miles before passing Reich at speeds in excess of 55 mph. California has a 55 mph speed cap for semis.  While passing him, Crum obscenely gestured at Reich. After passing Reich, Crum abruptly swerved into Reich’s lane and slowed down to 45 mph, causing Reich to brake.   Both drivers then pulled over.

During the time the drivers were on the side of the road, Reich tried to photograph Crum’s license plate with his phone. Crum forcefully knocked the phone from Reich’s hand. Reich also stated that Crum punched him. It is unclear as to which blow was strong enough to knock Reich to the ground. Reich claims that during the time of the altercation, he tried to remain calm at all times.

Reich has filed his lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court. In the suit, Reich alleges emotional distress caused by intentional and negligent infliction, negligence, assault, and battery. Since this lawsuit has become publicized, attorneys for either party have not been available for comment.

FedEx stated it “holds its service providers to high standards of safety and professionalism. We cannot comment on the specifics of these allegations while they are under review.”

It is unknown if any tickets or citations were issued at the time of the initial incident for reckless driving or the indicated assault.

Road rage is a catch-all phrase used to describe violent or aggressive behaviors of motorists. There is no set “road rage” law in California, but due to the nature of the behaviors of Crum, a lawsuit was permissible.