The Festival of Broken Promises

Social media stars such as Kendell Jenner promoted the The Frye Festival which was said to be “the culture event of the decade.”  Who wouldn’t want to be on a secluded island, stay in luxury accommodations, eat great food made by top chefs and hear music from bands for the standard fee. If a festival goer wanted to kick $250 more they could rent a boat or jet ski. For $2,500 partiers could dock a yacht, of course they had to bring their own yacht to do so. For an extra $25,000 Frye attendees could stay on a ship with a full staff. With the base ticket being $1,500 with each of the extras being per individual person it can add up quick.

Many tickets sold in the  $250,000 range, making this Festival one of the most expensive in decades.

With everything being offered and the individuals willing to spend their money.  Why are organizers, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland now being sued to the tune of $100 million dollars? The answer is that attendees were not met with luxury getaway promised. Festival goers found out in a short period of time that they did not get what they paid for and even worse many were unable to leave with limited shelter, food, medical care, water and organization in general on the island. Obviously this caused a panic. The promised remote island had a hotel on it. Their luxury lodging was explained by attendees as “FEMA tents” many of which were still not set up. The food meant for a king also did not meet the standard expected with Festival goers as they were served ham and cheese sandwiches with a side salad in Styrofoam. But wait they still had the band right? Nope, they all canceled as well.

What happens with the case remains to be seen with several willing to apologize, but nobody seems to be willing to take blame. It’s safe to say there will unlikely be another Frye Festival anytime soon if ever. It remains to be seen however if individuals no matter their financial status will take the time to research future events prior to committing to such an event.