Fetty Wap Slapped With A $242,703 Lawsuit for Defamation and Unpaid Wages

Rapper and reality show star, Fetty Wap, is facing a $242,703 lawsuit filed by his former employee Shawna Morgan for alleged breach of contract and defamation. This is the second civil case that the New Jersey based rapper has had in 2 years after he was sued by a Danish artistin 2015 for using copyrighted beats in his 2015 single, “Trap Queen”.

According to the court documents, Shawna Morgan has filed a collective complaint against Fetty Wap, Fetty Wap Touring Inc., and RFG Productions Inc. Fetty Wap Touring Inc. is a corporation based in Hackensack, New Jersey responsible for running Fetty’s touring operations. RFG Production, on the other hand, is the company that is in charge of Fetty’s business operations.

Morgan complains to the court that Fetty has neither paid her for the services she provided to him during his tours nor reimbursed her for all the performance related expenses that she paid for him at the request of Fetty Touring and RFG. Morgan further claims that Fetty and the two companies that represent him have not paid her the commission that she earned during the tour. She says that they had agreed to pay her a fee of 5% or 10% of the booking fees per show as compensation for the supervisory work that she did during the shows.

Apart from her getting the compensation that they owe her for the services she rendered, she is also trying to get back the regular travel and expenses that she paid for Fetty. She asserts that she covered these expenses based on the agreement that Fetty and his corporations would reimburse her promptly and regularly.

In her lawsuit, Morgan says that Fetty Wap and the two companies have not being paying her as agreed. According to her court submission, they had not paid her reimbursements and commissions since late 2016 and early 2017. Morgan maintains that Fetty Touring owes her $176,408.79, while RFG owes her $66,294.42. In total, Morgan is trying to get a total of $242,703.21 from Fetty and his companies.

In response to Shawna Morgan’s lawsuit, rapper Fetty Wap claims that the lawsuit filed on August 28 has no grounds. According to Fetty, he fired Morgan for allegedly misrepresenting herself as upper management.

In a press release, released by Fetty on August 10, he further states that he dismissed her because she had been stealing from him and his clients. According to him, she stole more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Morgan has since then refuted these allegations and launched a defamation lawsuit against Fetty.