Fifth Lawsuit Filed Against Kansas Doctor, Opioid Maker

Reports have indicated that a fifth lawsuit has been filed in Kansas against a doctor and an opioid maker involved in a prescription kickback plot. The maker of the drug is said to have been bribing doctors to recommend its strong fentanyl spray.

The suit that was filed in a Johnson County court last week, is comparable to three others brought in Johnson County and the fourth one in Leavenworth County against Insys Therapeutics and former Mid-America Physiatrist Steven Simon. It was established that one of the patients, Timothy Farquhar presented the lawsuit last week to Johnson County against his former doctor Steven Simon, and Insys Therapeutics.

Farquhar claims that he saw Simon from 2001 to 2017 and allegedly prescribed him exorbitantly large doses of opioids which includes the fentanyl spray Subsys, for pain associated with a spinal injury and cyanide poisoning. The victim further indicated that he wasn’t notified of the dangers of addiction and became dependent.

The federal government has claimed that Insys illegally used its physician speaker program to fund kickbacks, based on how much Subsys they prescribed.

“Plaintiff became dependent upon and addicted to opioid pain medications, including Subsys, which were repeatedly prescribed to him without proper medical care, treatment or justification,” the suit alleges.

Simon’s attorney, however, didn’t respond to a request for an explanation in regards to this tale on Monday. However, he and Simon have both in the past said the doctor’s prescriptions were based entirely on clinical judgment rather than payments from drug producers.



It was further reported last year that Simon was the top paid Subsys speaker in Kansas and among the top 10 nationally, raking in more than $200,000 between 2013 to 2015. Less than a month later the FBI served a search warrant at Simon’s clinic. Simon’s former ally indicated that federal agents seized patient records for individuals whom Simon prescribed oral fentanyl. Simon has however not been charged with any crimes

Federal prosecutors have imposed criminal charges against half-dozen Insys executives and the billionaire founder of the company John Kapoor. They’ve all pleaded not guilty with their trial in Boston scheduled for January.