Former Sports Anchor, Vince Lennon sues Alabama TV Station for Claims of Racial Discrimination

When it comes to breach of contract and racial discrimination in the workplace, no employee can tolerate such behavior from their employers. Employees who have gone through this have been forced to acquire the help of the law to right the wrongs the employers have put them through. One employee looking for justice because of the breach of contract and racial discrimination comments, he went through at his workplace. This employee is none other than a former Montgomery TV sports anchor Vince Lennon. He filed a suit against Montgomery Television on three accounts of fraud, racial discrimination, and breach of contract.

He claims that while working at the network, he did not have the same treatment compared to his white co-workers. The reason for the difference in treatment was that he is of Spanish descent. Vince Lennon also claimed that the network lied to him in terms of the details of his employment while he was being recruited for his sports anchoring position at WAKA.

According to Lennon, when he left his stable job at Tennessee and relocated to Montgomery, he succumbed to economic hardship and financial loss. The loss he experienced continued after the company failed to pay his salary, as stipulated in his contract. WAKA also failed to pay him the makeup allowance they agreed upon when signing his contract.

Also, according to lawsuit Vince Lennon filed, when he was being “lured” away from Chattanooga to Montgomery to work at WAKA, Halbrooks promised a fully staffed bureau for production and editing of sports segments along with multiple cameras. But upon accepting the job, Lennon did not receive any of the promises. His department was not fully staffed, and he never did receive the equipment promised by management. During the one year he worked at WAKA, he never got any of the promises or agreements they made before signing the contract.

The lawsuit also includes several claims of harassment from his co-worker Sanders, especially one that claims his co-worker insinuated that he would cut off Vince Lennon’s manhood. The case is still pending, but most of his lawsuit claims have been ruled out due to jurisdictional issues.