A Grand $100,000 Reward for Any Information about the Crash to Death of the Two Kvalvog Family Teenage Boys

It is unbelievable that two years have passed since the Kvalvog Family lost their two teenage sons. Their death was as a result of a crash on a journey to a baseball competition, in Wisconsin, along Interstate 94. During a radio interview on WDAY radio, Kvalvog recalled how he got the news an hour after he dropped the boys at the school parking lot.

Crash Report Analysis
Kvalvog confirmed that he is ready to pay a double price of $100,000 to anyone who might have a clue about his son’s cause of death. However, he narrated what ¬†happened at the incident when the two brothers crashed. Based on an accident report by Minnesota State Patrol, Zach Kvalvog who was aged 18 was behind the wheel with his brother Connor, 14 years aged, in the passenger seat. They were also with other teammates from Park Christian School. A Semi-truck driver is said to have infringed on the young men’s path before they perished on June 23, 2015, near Dalton, Minn. As a result, Zach Kvalvog was forced to swerve out of the lane.

The semi driver never stopped, then the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck that the two brothers were in, uncontrollably overturned. They rolled into the middle and wound up on the interstate’s westbound lanes. The two had no chance of surviving; they succumbed on the spot whereas the rest of the passengers Mark Schwandt and Jimmy Morton got hospital admission and later recovered.

Life After The Loss
As what almost every father would do, Kvalvog had to hold someone responsible. He moved to court and filed a death case against Park Christian, Josh Lee who was the basketball coach, the truck manufacturer and the insurance company. He affirmed that his stand was not to seek for financial compensation but to know what and how this happened to his boys. He expressed that it was so hard for him and his wife to move on when their sons meant so much to them. Moreover, the memories and imagination of their young one’s lives keep coming back.

In his view, it is necessary for schools to be careful on how the transportation of students is carried out. He also advocated for proper road marks to be put at the crash site, to keep drivers informed of the road bends.