Insurance Rates Could Be Going Up: Personal Injury Lawyers Working To Stop Them

The Texas state legislature is busy early on in the year. Unfortunately, not every bill is beneficial to people who live in the state. Right now, there are a pair of bills that are working their way through the local legislature that could end up costing people a significant amount of money. In particular, this could cause health insurance and car insurance rates to go up. Specifically, these bills are titled House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207. If these bills go through, trucking companies may not be held liable in court following crashes. This means that if one of their drivers had a serious accident, the trucking company may not be responsible. As a result, people who are injured in the accident could be on their own.

If this legislation goes through, it is possible that local citizens will have to step up and pay big trucking companies that cause serious accidents. In particular, it is important for people to understand that a lot of the trucking companies that are currently held responsible for accidents located in Texas are not actually headquartered in the state. They are multibillion-dollar companies that are located somewhere else. If these companies are no longer held responsible, local citizens could be asked to fend for themselves.

Even though a lot of accidents that take place do not lead to injuries, accidents that appear small that involve a truck could lead to major medical bills. Furthermore, if people incur major medical expenses, health insurance rates could go up as well. As a result, even people who are not injured in motor vehicle accidents could end up feeling the sting of this legislation.

Right now, these bills have not been passed into law; however, these bills are still working their way through the legislative process. It is important for everyone to keep up with what is going on in their local government. A lot of the bills that passed through their local governments could have a significant impact on their everyday life. It is important for people to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer if they have been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. That way, they can ensure their rights are defended.