IPS Settles Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Misconduct by Corey Greenwood

It was announced at the end of February that the Indianapolis Public Schools has settled a lawsuit filed by a former student who alleged sexual abuse against a former school administrator. The settlement totaled $490,000.

What the Student Alleged

The student, whose name is being withheld, alleged that they had a sexual relationship with Corey Greenwood, a former IPS teacher. The sexual relationship took place when the student was just 16 years old. Corey Greenwood was placed on administrative leave when the allegations came to light and terminated shortly thereafter. Corey Greenwood was criminally charged in the case and pleaded guilty. He received a brief jail sentence and is currently on probation. His admission of guilt helped solidify the students claims.

Why the Student Sued the Indianapolis Public Schools

In addition to suing Corey Greenwood, the student decided to file this suit against the school district. The reason the suit was filed against the district is because the student alleged that Mr. Greenwood had a history of inappropriate relationships with students dating back approximately 10 years. It was alleged that school officials knew that the teacher was a predator and went after students, yet they still allowed him to teach and even promoted him. If the school district had taken appropriate action and terminated him, as they should have if these allegations were true, this student never would have been a sexual victim of Mr. Greenwoods.

What the Settlement Entails

On February 10, the student and the Indianapolis Public Schools board of commissioners reached a settlement. The terms of the agreement stated that the school district agrees to pay the student $490,000. Corey Greenwood agreed to pay the student $10,000. As part of the settlement agreement, the student agrees to drop the lawsuit and the claim is being dismissed with prejudice and a release of all claims. This means that the student cannot attempt to bring another lawsuit against the school district regarding this matter. Lastly, the settlement states that each party will split the cost of mediation and pay for their own court costs and attorney fees.

When releasing details of the settlement, the district wanted to make it clear that it does not condone employee misconduct and that allegations of inappropriate behavior are taken seriously.