A Jersey Police Sergeant Admits to Hitting a Suspected Drug Offender with a Police SUV

In an astonishing turn of events, a New Jersey city police sergeant has admitted that he hit a drug offender who was trying to flee with a police vehicle. While pleading guilty to the disorderly person’s offense on Feb 9th, the police officer asked for forgiveness and accepted the fact that he was unfit to hold a public office again.


Mr. Daniel Welsh, who is the defense lawyer of John Ransom, told the court that his client has been a very noble and dedicated police officer for over 28 years and regretted that the matter had to end up in an unfortunate manner.

Ransom, 50 who spoke calmly admitted that the incident took place on August 6th, 2017 while he was on duty and driving SUV that was equipped with flashing lights and a siren. He said that he saw an individual who was later identified as Shiron Cooper who he suspected was involved in a drug deal.

Ransom further admitted that he drove recklessly and struck the complainant while attempting to arrest him. He further acknowledged that Shiron Cooper suffered a severe injury as a result of the incident.

Rising Cases of Police Officers Pleading to Off-Duty Schemes

The plea plead by Ransom added to the increasing number of black eye cases recorded by the police department which has seen at least 11 police officers plead guilty to off-duty job schemes.

Out of the 11 reported cases, four police officers charged with various offenses related to manipulating time sheets while four other officers have been indicted for their role in a high-speed chase that ended in a deadly crash.

Previous Charges

Previously, Officer Ransom was accused of assault by auto in the 4th degree in an incident that took place in Audubon Park and was recorded on video. Assault by car is a criminal offense that can land an individual in prison for up to 18 months unless you’re a first-time offender.

Cooper, who was also in attendance, has also been charged with six offenses including resisting lawful arrest.

Ransom was effectively suspended without pay until at least March 16th when he expected to be sentenced by Judge Paul DePascale. After the judgment, Ransom will be expected to forfeit his job, but he will be eligible to apply for his full pension.