Lawsuit Filed Against Chicago Cop Who Allegedly Beat Mentally Disabled Teen

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a veteran Chicago police officer who allegedly beat a mentally disabled teen. The lawsuit accuses the police officer of sticking a gun in the teen’s mouth and then filing a fake police report to cover up the incident. Both the Cook County state’s attorney’s office and the Independent Police Review Authority are investigating the incident, which allegedly occurred in September 2015.

While heading home from school, Nathaniel Taylor crossed onto Jackson’s lawn. Jackson, the Chicago police officer and veteran of the force, became angry and beat the 18-year-old boy with his fists and stuck his revolver into the boy’s mouth. This attack caused a number richard-drovark-quoteof lacerations, according to the lawsuit.

Taylor, who possesses an IQ of 44, was sent to Mount Sinai Hospital for Treatment, and then arrested on charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. According to the lawsuit, Taylor experienced severe emotional trauma due to spending a week behind bars under electronic monitoring.

Richard Drovark, the attorney representing the legal guardian and aunt of Taylor, provided photographs that seem to depict Taylor’s blood splattered on the sidewalk outside Jackson’s home. There are also photographs of Taylor with a fat lip, a bloodied nose, and blood stains on his school uniform.

According to Dvorak, the severe mental impairment Taylor suffers makes Jackson’s actions even more traumatic and tragic. Dvorak said, “He’s not someone who should be subjected to this kind of treatement.” The attorney accuses Jackson of placing felony charges against Taylor to cover up his own actions.

In a police report, Jackson filed a police report claiming that Taylor had tried to enter his home at 1200 block of South Albany Avenue. Jackson claims he opened the door and informed Taylor that he was a police officer. The police officer claims that Taylor tried to run, but Jackson managed to catch him and a “struggle ensued.” Jackson accuses Taylor of trying to grab his gun, which is when the gun “made contact with the face and mouth area” of Taylor, allegedly.

In April, the aggravated battery charge against Taylor was dropped and Taylor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing, according to court records.