Lawsuit Filed in Death of SC Real Estate Executive Is Settled

Recently, a settlement was reached in a major case based out of Charleston, SC involving worker’s compensation. In this case, a man was killed in an accident while on property owned by his employer. The settlement is valued at more than $260,000. While the details of the settlement are confidential, the attorney representing the family argued that the employer was responsible for the accident suffered by this individual, which ultimately led to his death.

This incident involved a real estate executive in South Carolina who was killed in a car accident. The accident took place while he was visiting a property that was owned by his employer. The vehicle was found submerged in water that had filled a ditch that was located on the property. Even though the cause of death is likely drowning or injuries sustained on impact, the reason for this accident was never discovered. When the lawsuit was first filed, the allegations made by the attorney for the family were denied. The denial indicated that the executive had no reason to be on that property at the time and, by being on the property, he was acting outside the normal scope of his profession.

On the other hand, the attorney representing the family argued that this man had full access to the property, which was gated and locked. This man was supposed to check in on the progress of the development of this property. Furthermore, the vehicle involved in the accident was the vehicle he used when he represented the company in his work.

In the end, the employer conceded that the man was allowed to go and visit this property even though he was not asked specifically to go to that property on that day. He had also visited the property in the past.

In the end, both parties decided that it was best to settle the case instead of taking the risk of heading to trial. It is beneficial that the family will have some money to cover the final expenses of a loved one who was tragically lost too soon. Hopefully, this family will be able to grieve in private while also cherish the memory of their family member.