Lynwood Man’s Family get $8.8 million after he is killed by deputies

In 2009, Alfredo Montalvo was spotted leaving a convenience store without his headlights on. The Sheriffs’ department claim that saw him go over several lanes of traffic at a high rate of speed. Deputies then began a chase that ended when Montalvo crashed into a parked car.

Deputies exited their video and ordered Montalvo out of his car. According to the deputies account, he refused and then allegedly reached under his car seat for something and reversed his car, striking several deputies and an unmarked police car.

61-shots-firedThe deputies then claim he pulled forward and began to reverse again. Nine of the deputies opened fire, shooting 61 shots.  He was killed instantly.

At the time of the incident, the departments investigation determined that the use of deadly force was justified, because they believe that Montalvo’s vehicle was posing a direct threat to the deputies. However, in 2012, a jury disagreed with the findings and decided that this was an excessive use of force. They awarded the family of Montalvo 8.756 million dollars.

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors decided on Tuesday November 10, 2015 to make the payment to his family. This means that the city will no longer try to fight the verdict, signaling an end of the case as far as Los Angeles is concerned.

Excessive use of force settlements have become national news after the shooting of Michael Brown and the suffocation of Eric Garner by police officers. Several other cities around the country have been paying millions of dollars in settlement money to the families of the deceased, including 1.6 million in Dallas, 5.5 million in Cleveland and 8.8 million earlier this year in LA.

The majority of this claim will be paid for by insurance, while the remaining 1.1 million will be paid for by the city itself. The city paid the money without comment.

Montalvo was a fork lift operator and also worked in security. He left behind 2 children, a daughter who was 7 years old and a son that was 4.