Mayor Corley Hints at Plans for Anticipated ARPA and Opioid Settlement Funds

Tusculum Mayor Alan Corley recently shared an update regarding the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and opioid settlement funds that the city is expected to receive.

Speaking to the Tusculum Board of Mayor and Commissioners, Mayor Corley commented on the expected source of the ARPA funding. Mayor Corley said Tusculum will receive the funding from the Tennessee State government instead of the federal government.

The First Tennessee Development District has already volunteered to distribute the ARPA funds when they arrive.

Although the source of the funds has been identified, the exact amount to be provided remains unclear at this point. Tusculum is eligible to receive up to $770,000, but Mayor Corley has reiterated that the official amount has yet to be determined.

Possible Plans for Tusculum’s ARPA Fans Outlined

The city of Tusculum has not finalized how it will use the incoming ARPA funds, but plans are seemingly being put in place. Mayor Corley mentioned that some plans already appear to have been green-lighted by the state.

The plans in question include reimbursing the city for payments that previously went to auxiliary police officers. The auxiliary police officers were brought in to direct traffic at the city’s vaccination site.

ARPA funds may also be used to provide bonuses to city employees who have continued to offer their services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tusculum is also looking into possibly using the ARPA funds to purchase a new backup generator and to upgrade Tusculum City Park Playground.

Mayor Corley is also hoping that the funds can go toward the construction of a new fire station.

Latest Details on Opioid Settlement for ‘Sullivan Baby Doe’ Lawsuit

While plans for the ARPA funds are coming into focus, there is a greater deal of uncertainty regarding the money expected to come from the “Sullivan Baby Doe” lawsuit.

Greene is one of the nine Tennessee counties included as a plaintiff in the aforementioned lawsuit. Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. is expected to pay out up to $35 million to the nine counties as part of the settlement agreement.

Tusculum has yet to receive guidance regarding how much they will receive from the settlement. Plans for the settlement funds have also not been provided at this point, but Mayor Corley has acknowledged that there have been talks to construct a treatment facility.

Tennessee mayors serving locales included in the lawsuit are expected to meet soon to discuss how the funds will be distributed and used.