Medical Negligence Lawsuit Filed Over Non-Sterile Spinal Injections

Belleville, IL – An injection to the back of the neck that was meant to be therapeutic turned out to be anything but. Shortly after receiving the treatment, Bill Blechinger experienced pain and paralysis which spread and developed into a serious and disabling injury for which he is seeking damages.

Plantiff-injuriesHe came under the care of St. Joseph’s Hospital on the 18th of December last year. The reason for Blechinger seeking treatment is undisclosed. Court documents associated with the legal action state that Blechinger was under the care of one Dr. Alejandro J. Alvarado in March of 2015, and that on the very next day he was admitted to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital. It was at this time that a Dr. Corprew administered the injections to Blechinger’s neck. The plaintiff’s claim states that the injection was performed under non-sterile conditions and that an infection which damaged the nervous tissues of his spinal cord developed.

According to Blechinger’s claims, the infection that resulted has had a major debilitating effect on his health and wellbeing, including substantial pain from the injury to his spine, mental anguish, and physical disfigurement. Blechinger further claims that he has been permanently disabled by the infection which resulted from a poor standard of care and which amounts to medical negligence. He seeks damages for these injuries, for lost wages and income as well as the considerable medical expenses he has incurred.

The plaintiff further asserts that his injuries and the resulting disability caused by them prevent him from engaging in normal day to day activities, self-care, and work. He and his wife, Kimberly seek a minimum award of $75,000 for damages to not only the physical health detriment visited upon Mr. Blechinger and the hardships mentioned but also for their court fees and other legal expenditures which would not have been necessary had they not needed to seek damages for their losses. Among the plaintiff’s claims is included a loss of the ability to engage in physical intimacy with his spouse, bringing further mental anguish to the couple.

The defendants in this suit include the Midwest Emergency Department Services and HSMS Medical Group Inc. The lawsuit was filed on November 18 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, Case No. 15-L-661.