Montgomery Co. Animal Resource Center under Fire for Animal Deaths

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (MCARC) has come under fire for putting to death animals too quickly while there are owners are sometimes still looking for them. While the resource center argues that it offers shelter to these animals until an appropriate time when it is deemed right to put the animal to death, other people say that the resource center has turned into a slaughterhouse. They argue that the resource center is no longer a shelter but a death row. A few days ago, a couple came forward and sued the resource center for its heinous acts.

In the recent days, two euthanasia deaths have been highlighted involving dogs that were put to death at the resource center, angering owners who were still on a search mission to try and find their dogs. One of the victims, Savannah Slorp who resides in Dayton said that she was “completely crashed” and didn’t know what to do when she learned that her Labrador retriever, Brownie, had been put to death by the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Endless Searching

Slorp lamented that she had been searching for Brownie everywhere and she had contacted the resource center a countless number of times but every time she contacted them, they kept telling her that her dog wasn’t there although she was there. Brownie was allegedly euthanized in July, but Slorp didn’t find out until September.

Critics of the resource center say that lots of animals are being put to death without enough effort from the center to return them to their owners or find foster homes for them. What is even more interesting is that some of the criticism is coming from people outside the area who learn about the negligent acts through social media.

More than 3,000 Animals Euthanized

The county officials have revealed that at least 3,000 cats and dogs were euthanized last year, but it maintains that a majority of these animals were unhealthy and in severe pain. Michael Colbert, the Montgomery County administrator, says that euthanasia is an unfortunate reality for animals and every decision to go in that direction is usually taken seriously, and such a decision can only be made for animals that are grave ill or injured and who show aggression.

Critics of the resource center have come together and formed a Facebook page named “Injustice at ARC.” The county administrator says that some of the proponents of these groups have gone ahead and subjected the ARC staff and their families to harassment and constant social media attacks. More people have come together, and they are now pushing for immediate change at the ARC to ensure that all animals at the facility get the justice that they deserve.