New Yorker Jeffrey Makuch, 66, Sues the Spirit of Norfolk

Two years ago, Jeffrey Makuch, 66, skid and fell while enjoying a round of cornhole at the Spirit of Norfolk. Jeffrey, who hails from NY, then filed a lawsuit claiming that the owners of the contemporary boat were to blame for the mishap. In his lawsuit, the prosecution claimed that Makuch suffered several unspecified injuries, some of them being severe.

$373,456 in Damages

Jeffrey’s lawyers were seeking compensation of around $373K to offset the damages and to pay the legal fees arising in the lawsuits. In their argument, the prosecution claimed that the boat’s management failed to inform their passengers, especially the senior citizens that it wasn’t safe for them to play on the decks.

No Comments

Both, Jeffrey’s attorney and a representative of the owner of the contemporary boat refused to give any comments on the issue. The Spirit of the Norfolk is a majestic boat that cruises up and down the Elizabeth River while entertaining guests. This boat underwent a massive renovation job in 2016 that cost $1.2 million.

The boat is such a Norfolk treasure that the entire elite community came out to celebrate the re-launch of the new Spirit of Norfolk. The governor and the mayor of Norfolk led the house full of guests in tossing for the great development touching their town.

What Happened?

In the lawsuit, the events leading to Jeffrey’s accident were brought to light. It all started when Jeffrey boarded the boat that was by then docked at the Town Point Park. Once inside the Spirit of the Norfolk, the 66-year-old male proceeded to the upper decks. Jeffrey observes that the boat’s upper deck was very hectic to walk by due to the crowded furniture occupying this space.

Slip and fall

It was during his walk to the top decks that an on-going game of cornhole caught Jeffrey’s attention. The plaintiff took a beanbag, and as he was tossing it, he slipped and fell on what we’re supposed to be antiskid decks. According to expert investigators, the plaintiff didn’t know that by effectively shifting his weight while tossing the beanbag, he would slip and hurt himself badly.

What’s more, slipping and falling was completely out of the question as the boat management claimed that the decks had a very high friction coefficient. Jeffrey Makuch was represented by the respected Norfolk-based attorney, Edwin Booth.