Overland Park hospital doctors sexually harassed multiple employees, lawsuit says

An individual who used to work at an Overland Park sports medicine clinic is suing the company responsible for managing it. The former employee claims that she was sexually harassed repeatedly by a surgeon, according to court documents.

According to the lawsuit, a Kansas City Spine and Sports Medicine Center former medical assistant complained to management that Glenn Amundson sexually harassed her and made sexual comments in front of employees and in the office. Glenn Amundson is the defendant in the case and a surgeon at the practice.

Amundson was contacted by The Star Saturday. He declined to comment. The Kansas City Spine and Sports Medicine Center recently reported that Amundson is no longer working with the company.

The lawsuit was filed on April 23. The lawsuit says that Amundson pulled the hair of the medical assistant, picked her up, and touched her hips, waist, and buttocks while she was working. Even though multiple complaints were made, no action was taken. The Star usually does not identify the victims of sexual abuse without their consent.

The woman later reported that Amundson pressed his groin into her buttocks and grabbed her hips. After this incident was reported, a management employee later witnessed a similar incident and reported the incident to human resources, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that other women in the office have made similar complaints about touching by Amundson and sexually offensive comments.

However, the human resources department decided that the medical assistant should transfer out of the office. The woman who filed the lawsuit suggested that Amundson should be made to transfer or leave instead.

Human resources started the process to transfer the medical assistant out of the office despite her protesting that she loved her job and got along well with the other doctors, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says that the human resources department made working conditions for the medical assistant “so intolerable that no reasonable person … would have continued working in the center.”

Due to this, the medical assistant was “constructively discharged” and no longer works for the company. Based on the lawsuit, it is uncertain what “discharged” refers to and it is uncertain whether the woman chose to leave voluntarily.