Parents File $10 Million Lawsuit after the Death of Their Daughter

Almost six months after Jordin Taylor was found dead underneath a party bus, her parents have filed a multimillion dollar suit with the Hays County District Clerk. Jordin, a Texas State Student, met her death when she was dragged by a party bus after a fraternity party she had attended in Martindale. Her parents have filed the suit against the bus company, the multiple fraternities that had hosted events and a number of other entities involved in the event.

Freddie Joey Taylor filed the lawsuit on March 21, seeking $ 10 million in damages and compensation. The court documents allege that Skyline Party Bus Company, the management officer, Brandon Burleson, B&B Shuttles, the driver of the bus, Gabriela Wilson, SMTX Properties, VCD San Marcos River and four different national fraternities at Texas State University were negligent in their actions. The plaintiff claims that the death of his daughter was as a result of the said negligence.
Jordin Taylor was found on the morning of October 28, lying lifeless between the ground and the axle of a party bus. These events unfolded ate Cool River Ranch, a venue that had been used by Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Alpha Order Epsilon Lota and Delta Tau Delta Zeta Delta to host events. These are some of the national fraternities at Texas State University. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff argues that Jordin was trapped underneath the bus after the vehicle had struck her during the party. It is a mechanic who found Jordin’s lifeless body the following day.

In the lawsuit, Mr. Taylor argues that the negligence of all the parties led to the failure to create a safe environment for the party. The lawsuit goes further to claim that the parties failed to ensure that there was enough security for a party whose attendance went beyond 2,000 people. According to the document, the venue had poor lighting, the organizers allowed underage drinking and that the reckless driving of the party bus driver amounted to negligence. All these actions put the safety of those entering and exiting the property at risk. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff demands that the case proceeds to a trial by a jury so that they can get fair compensation for the damages suffered.