Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against LA Schools and Union

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on individuals, families, and small businesses. Even though it is good news that a lot of people are getting vaccinated, there are still some school districts that have been hesitant to reopen. Now, a lawsuit has been filed against one of them, the school system in Los Angeles.

The families filing a lawsuit or being represented by everyone and personal injury attorney in the area. His firm is well known for taking on powerful unions in the region, including the teachers union, which is named in the lawsuit. Even though the teachers union has not yet commented on the lawsuit, many of the families filing the lawsuit have already spoken out.

Many families have already shared examples of ways the pandemic has impacted their children. For example, one parent describes her son as being strong, motivated, and outgoing, even serving in leadership on the student government. She states that since the pandemic started, he has been socially withdrawn, isolated, and has become addicted his computer. She claims that her son has been impacted emotionally and academically since the schools closed.

Another parent and a child with special needs also described how the pandemic has impacted her child. She states that her child needs to go to school because of the service as he receives from teachers with specialized training. Because the schools have closed, her child is not receiving access to the therapy required.

Ultimately, this is a lawsuit that is going to be decided by the court system. It is unclear at this time as to whether the lawsuit is going to proceed to trial, will be settled, or dismissed. According to the law firm representing the families, the crux of the argument is that the schools failed to uphold their mission, which is to act in the best interest of the students. The lawsuit claims that children have been impacted severely, academically and emotionally, because the schools have failed to open while other school systems have reopened. Even though the students have not suffered physical injuries, the lawsuit claims that these emotional injuries are just as severe and could have long-lasting consequences. It will be interesting to follow this lawsuit as it makes its way through the courts.