Preventing DUI’s

Perhaps everyone is a little concerned about drinking too much before getting behind the wheel and being pulled over by the police. So many people arrested for drunk driving are shocked to find that their blood level concentration (BAC) has risen above the legal limit – having felt absolutely unphased when they’d begun driving. If you find yourself caught off guard with a high BAC, contact a multi-vehicle lawyer for answers and assistance.

Alcohol debilitation has more to do with reaction time, which is delayed by a mere 120 milliseconds; and since in that amount of time, a car could travel an additional 12 feet before the driver would recognize the need to maneuver. In some states, ignition interlock devices are mandatory for all drunk drivers and even for their first offense. An ignition interlock device, or breath alcohol ignition interlock device, blocks the signal between the ignition and the starter of a vehicle if the breath surpasses the programmed amount. These devices can also be purchased commercially as a preventative measure. The BANVIE Keyless Entry System, for example, is a popular ignition interlock device that will stop the car entirely when triggered by a drunk driver. Other legal consequences of drunk driving include accident expenses, driver’s license suspension, expensive lawsuits, fines, and jail time.

After filing a car accident or personal injury claim, victims may be wondering how to proceed. If the blood alcohol evaluation reveals that the drunk driver was indeed over the legal limit,  in most cases it will automatically be considered a no-doubt liability. However, despite this precedent, it is important to collect as much supporting evidence as possible including photographs, recorded on-scene details, police report, and personal medical records. Next, you should contact a car accident lawyer who can properly accomplish this critical task and build the case for you.

One guarantee of all drunk driving accidents is that there will be stressful consequences on both sides. If such an event occurs contact a law office right away to consult with an attorney.