Staten Island Nursing Home Served With A 10 Million Dollar Malpractice Lawsuit

Carmel Richmond Healthcare and Rehab nursing home located in Staten Island, New York, is charged with a 10 million dollar Malpractice Lawsuit suit. The legal proceedings were instituted by the distraught husband of a women whose tragic death took place due to the lack of proper medical care that was not provided because of the medical malpractice that took place as a result of a forged DNR authorization.

In many states, falsifying documents is a crime. In the case of medical malpractice, it is not only illegal, it is unethical to condemn a person to an early death by withholding medical treatments, tests, medicine, food and water.

If we examine the malpractice cases, it’s uncalled for to that the number of legal cases continues to rise. To cite an example, last year a woman suffering from Parkinsons and diabetes was admitted to hospice in Sun City, AZ. She was surrounded by her loving husband, her priest, and her daughter from New York.

Much to her dismay, the daughter discovered that her mother had dry skin on her heels that had started to bleed. Additionally, the top of her mother’s ears were encrusted with blood. None of the nurses paid any attention until the daughter reported the conditions.

The daughter’s father told her that his wife’s physician wanted his permission to disconnect the saline tubes that were her only source of water. The father refused to grant permission given the verbal agreement he had with his wife. He did however ask his daughter to speak with the doctor. By the time the daughter had finished speaking with the arrogant doctor, she had fired him. At that point, the head physician took make sure that the mother was receiving proper food, care and treatment.

Within two weeks, the mother quietly passed away surrounded by her family. The daughter wanted to sue for the poor treatment her mother received from her physician. The father, who was a very strong man, did not want to cope with the stress of legal proceedings.

Anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation should consider speaking with legal counsel to determine where or not there are grounds for a lawsuit.