Substantial Settlement Approved in Personal Injury Case Stemming from Slip and Fall Accident

Personal injury cases are a major concern in society, as people can get hurt at any time, being left with mounting medical bills that they might not be able to claim. Recently, city commissioners in the city of Tallahassee approved a settlement of close to $250,000 for a man who tripped on a city sidewalk several years ago. While a trip and fall accident might not sound like a big deal, he was left with numerous head issues after he struck his head on a sidewalk. While he was treated at an emergency room in the local area and was later released, he went on to develop severe health complications. Some of these included balance issues, headaches, and repeated falls that ultimately led to the diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury.

He returned to the doctor’s office and was diagnosed with a large subdural hematoma, which is a bleed in the brain, and required emergency brain surgery. He subsequently developed blood clotting issues that damaged his renal artery, compromising both his spleen and kidneys, leading to further medical expenses.

As a result, this man was forced to undergo four separate surgical procedures. He even had to have a stent placed in his renal artery on the right side. Based on evidence that was introduced, his medical expenses totaled more than $235,000 and, because there is no cure for his conditions and complications, he is expected to incur substantial medical complications in the future as well. As a result, this man filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming they were responsible for the severe state of disrepair of the sidewalk where he tripped. The lawsuit was seeking damages related to current and future medical expenses, lost income, emotional distress, and numerous other damages that are recoverable under laws in the state of Florida.

This personal injury lawsuit highlights the severe medical complications that could befall someone following a slip and fall accident. It is important for everyone who suffers a serious fall to seek medical care immediately. Finally, everyone should remember that they are not alone. There are always trained professionals who are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.