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A Detailed Guide To Understanding Attorney Fees: Will You Have To Pay Your Lawyer?

Most people have heard that hiring a good lawyer expensive. At the same time, those who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident might be wondering if they can hire an attorney to help them pursue a car accident settlement. Will they be able to hire an attorney in this situation?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. The good news is that most attorneys in this situation are going to work on something called a contingency fee. This means that the attorney will only get paid if they win the case for his or her client. The client will not need to pay the attorney anything in order to get started on the case. The attorney will do all of the legwork, taking a look at the case to figure out if there is a good chance of earning a fair settlement. If so, the case will move forward.

So, what does the contingency fee mean? The client and attorney will need to talk about this before the case gets started. In some cases, personal injury attorneys may take 30 percent of the settlement amount as a fee. In other cases, the attorneys may take 40 percent. This is something that the client and attorneys will discuss before the case gets started. In some cases, the attorney may take a smaller percentage if the payout is smaller to ensure the client has enough to cover his or her medical bills. Of note, any court costs that the attorneys have to pay will also come out of the settlement amount.

Ultimately, if someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffers a serious injury, it is important to talk to a lawyer as quickly as possible. Without talking to a lawyer, the individual will not know how much his or her injury is worth. The insurance company might offer the individual an extremely low offer that will not come anywhere close to covering the totality of the medical expenses. Instead, individuals need to stand up for their rights following a motor vehicle accident. To do so, they need to speak with an attorney who will stand in his or her corner no matter what.