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Class Action Lawsuits Against China Resulting From Covid-19

The Chinese government is currently facing four different federal class-action lawsuits against them for their failure to maintain the COVID-19 outbreak. They also failed to inform all other communities outside of China of its potential dangers.

One of the lawsuits involve small businesses in California that have been impacted by COVID-19. An attorney who goes by the name Larry Klayman is in charge of one of the four class-action lawsuits that accuse China of letting out a biological weapon to society. The U.S. is hoping to be able to recover a large sum of money for damages. However, chances are slim for any such actions to take place. This is because there is a barrier that will not allow the Chinese to be brought into courts in the United States. The FSIA act will not allow U.S. lawsuits to become successful.

Some sources believe that these U.S. lawsuit allegations are false. Instead, the culprit of the COVID-19 outbreak in China started in a market in Wuhan. There is much negligence on their part though for not being able to contain the spread of the virus. Chinese government will have to bring on any allegations and lawsuits for commercial activity in China in order for them to be held accountable.

There is a possibility of these lawsuits not being successful in Wuhan since there are many improper practices and the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that institutes run by the government may not comply.

China would also have to inform people by giving a warning about COVID-19 in order for the lawsuits to be successful. However, the courts may not agree with this. The wrongdoing act caused by China would have also have had to happen in the United States.

Another California attorney by the name of Kent Schmidt expressed that there is no chance that federal judges would approve these class action lawsuits. They would need great evidence to prove that these lawsuits are doable even though many agreed that China was responsible for the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, the courts in the U.S. are not in a position to address the effects of the COVID-19 here even though the harm done was a direct result of China. There are attorneys that disagree and are looking to take care of American’s who have been affected by COVID-19 financially.