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Electric Pressure Cooker Injury Lawsuits Are Rising in Numbers

Electric pressure cooker injury lawsuits are on the rise. The popularity of the kitchen gadget has increased the amount of defective products circulating in the marketplace. In fact, Sunbeam Products, Inc. announced a recall of over 900,000 pressure cookers towards the end of November 2020 after receiving over 100 complaints of pressure cooker lids blowing off during normal use. The injuries and property damaged caused by the electric pressure cooker has caused many people to seek out legal help from the personal injury lawyers in hopes of recovering money to pay for the injuries and damage.

The electric pressure cooker has become a must-have kitchen appliance due to their ability to slow cook meals in less time and help ingredients retain more of their nutrients. What users may not realize is the electric pressure cooker relies on the use of heat and high pressure to cook the contents inside.The most common point of failure is the lid. When the lid seal or valve fails, the cooker releases the contents or explodes, causing the contents to be sprayed on anyone standing near the unit. Common injuries include burns on the face, head, torso and arms. Cuts and bruises from shrapnel are also common.

Manufacturers of pressure cookers are alleged to have knowingly put faulty pressure cookers on the market that had poor safety seals and valves due to bad design. Another alleged problem is a failure to place adequate or visible warnings about proper operation of an electric pressure cooker. Manufacturers also failed to pull defective models off the market and sold them alongside “new and improved” models

Currently, counsel is taking legal action in a consolidated product liability lawsuit against Tristar Product’s Power Pressure Cooker XL in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. This is a Federal class action lawsuit against Sunbeam products and Newell for alleged defects in multiple models of the Crock-Pot Multicooker pressure cookers. The lids of the Crock-Pot Multicooker pressure cooker has an alleged defect that allows the lid to open while the contents are pressurized and cause severe injury. The manufacturer of the Crock-Pot Multicooker failed to recall their units which resulted in a class action lawsuit.