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Male Student in UCLA Mercilessly Stabs His Classmate During A Chemistry Lab Session

The news received from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) got everyone in shock and deep agony. Katherine Rosen was a pre-med student at her junior level in this university. It was said that Katherine and her fellow classmates were undertaking a chemistry lab session when something insane occurred.

“As I knelt to place something inside my desk drawer, I sensed that someone was behind me. In a jiffy, my fellow classmate, Doman Thompson, stabbed me in the neck and chest.” Katherine Rosen said.

Lucky enough, Katherine survived the lethal injuries and soon she was back to school. She decided to sue the University of California Los Angeles. This was based on the facts that the school had practiced negligence. She also said that the school was well informed about the classmate’s perilous deeds but it did not take up the task of protecting her.

Nine years after this incidence the California Supreme Court gave Katherine’s case a go-ahead. During the court verdict, the court said that it was the duty of all public universities and colleges to protect their students from any sort of violence. This was either during their extra-curricular activities or classroom sessions. The judge went ahead and stated that any college would be in deep trouble if they failed to put strict measures in place to discipline the notorious students and protect other students.

Justice Carol A. Corrigan stated in the court that all students from all over the world are always depending on the colleges to offer a conducive learning environment.

Unfortunately, in the court report, it was discovered that the UCLA officials were fully aware that Doman Thompson (Katherine’s assailant) suffered from severe auditory hallucinations and paranoid thoughts. The school psychiatrist did a couple of tests on him and found out that he suffered from schizophrenia. Based on his past university life, he had been prevented from accessing the campus’s housing. This was after he pushed another student. During the court ruling, it was stated that one of the teaching staff assistants had been informed by Doman that Katherine and other students were mortifying him. Katherine’s lawyer denied the allegations.

Brain Panish who happens to be Rosen’s trial lawyer said that Rosen was undergoing emotional and physical scars from the terrifying incident.

Rosen who is a medical student, sent an email communicating that she hoped the ruling will enforce the fact that universities should have effective ways to protect their students.