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The Most Common Injuries at Construction Sites

Construction jobs are fulfilling, but they can also be dangerous. Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands of serious injuries that construction workers sustain every year. A lot of construction workers who are hurt on the job are eligible for workers’ compensation. This compensation can cover lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs stemming directly from the injury. It is critical to work with a personal injury lawyer who has experience in construction law. A personal injury claim could be filed on behalf of the individual to seek additional compensation.

There are several examples of injuries that take place on construction sites. For example, falls from great heights can lead to serious injuries. Someone could fall from heavy machinery, scaffolding, or a roof. Proper safety equipment is important for reducing the risk of falls.

Some people slip and fall in a construction zone as well. There are lots of trip hazards at construction sites, including heavy machinery. If someone trips over a heavy object, they could fall, potentially breaking a bone.

Transportation accidents can also take place during construction projects. A lot of people drive trailers, tractors, and trucks from place to place. If an accident takes place, someone could suffer serious injuries. They might even require emergency surgery to repair the issue.

Electrical injuries are also serious concerns in construction sites. Many workers use powerful machinery, electrical wiring, and generators. All of these increase the risk of electrocution injuries, leading to serious burns.

Finally, many people overlook the risk of trench collapses at construction sites. Trenches are important in constructing new buildings. On the other hand, if the trench collapses, it can lead to serious injuries. This could include chest injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Every trench has to have the right safety equipment to minimize the risk of a trench collapse.

Every construction worker has to take the appropriate safety precautions to minimize the chances of suffering an injury. Unfortunately, some construction injuries still take place. It is important for workers to explore their eligibility for workers’ compensation. This could help them cover the costs related to the injury. Then, any construction worker who has been injured should reach out to a personal injury attorney to make sure their rights are protected.