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Indiana Woman Sues Over Recalled Hand Sanitizer

A woman from northern Indiana recently filed a lawsuit against the company that distributes hand sanitizer. The claims are over methanol, a toxic agent. The woman claimed that her children were suffering from severe side effects due to the hand sanitizer. The lawsuit is seeking penalties against 4e Brands North America, a Texas-based distributor of Blumen brand hand sanitizer. The FDA previously found that their products contained methanol, otherwise called wood alcohol, which is known to be a deadly toxin. The company voluntarily recalled their products back in July to avoid a lawsuit.

The woman claimed that her children were suffering from severe side effects including vomiting and headaches. The company is accused of violating the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and Indiana’s Product Liability Act. The suit is requesting a class action status for the woman’s damages. The plaintiff believed that the hand sanitizer was safe when she bought them, it wasn’t until later that personal injury was experienced due to the use. This constitutes as deceptive acts as far as the plaintiff is concerned. The plaintiff is going to put together their argument in accordance with the idea that the hand sanitizer company willingly deceived her in this instance.

The Indiana Department of Health officials said that the number of deaths and positive tests of COVID-19 are on the rise. The plaintiff was using hand sanitizer as a way of combating the virus and keeping her family safe. There’s no statement from Blumen or 4e Brands North America that reflects whether the product was there intentionally or accidentally. At any rate, the side effects were measured and appropriate for a case such as this. It’s a matter of hearing how the defense will prepare their argument and whether or not other people were injured due to the same problem. As time goes on, more people might come forward and reveal that they have the same issue. The plaintiff hopes that her initial suit will bring enough popularity to the case for other people across the state and country to see. She believes that this was not an accident and that the recall was never done by the company.