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Other Nations Are Steering Clear of Vaping in Wake of Epidemic in United States

Not long ago, there were significant public health concerns related to vaping. As the world turns its focus on COVID-19, there is also a glimmer of good news that is coming out of the public health arena. It appears that other countries are learning from the major issues the United States faced with vaping. The outbreak of lung injuries associated with vaping had medical professionals across the country concerned. Numerous news reports are indicating that other countries are taking action.

Juul Sees Heavy Opposition

Juul, one of the most prolific manufacturers of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in the world has already been involved in its fair share of lawsuits. As the company tries to expand beyond the United States, where it has already been vilified, it is being mt with closed doors. There is a ferocious anti-vaping sentiment across the world and many countries are enacting stark restrictions and even bans on its products. As a result, the ambitious plans that Juul once planned are starting to collapse. The company has been removed from the Chinese market and India has banned its products as well. Other countries banning Juul include Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore. Clearly, other countries are starting to take action.

Popular Among the Younger Generation

While other countries were taking action to limit these products, Juul was busy climbing through loopholes left open by the Federal government. Its products were vilified because of the manner in which they targeted the younger generation, trying to get them hooked on these products. With sweet flavors and flashy advertising, it didn’t take long for the younger generation to take advantage of Juul pods, using them to get high via THC, commonly found in marijuana.

The results were deadly. Close to 3,000 people were hospitalized with lung injuries related to vaping, leading to 68 deaths. While an additive known as Vitamin E acetate was found to be the culprit, the damage to Juul’s reputation has already been done.

More Work Must Be Done

Even though vaping has been pushed from the front page by COVID-19, the combination of vaping and this viral infection can be deadly. People should refrain from vaping as a whole; however, particularly during this time, when medical professionals already have their hands full dealing with this deadly virus.