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Actress’ Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby Will Continue Despite Her Death

Louisa Moritz was one of the first of many women to come forward and accuse actor Bill Cosby of sexual assault back in 2014. She died on January 4 in Los Angeles, but her lawsuit against the actor is set to continue despite her death, according to a statement by her lawyer, Joseph Cammarata.

Moritz may have been one of the first women to speak out about Cosby, but she was one of many women who accused the actor of sexual assault. She also later sued him for defamation when he publicly called her a liar. Moritz shared in a video with other women that Cosby had forced her to have oral sex with him when in her dressing room as they were both set to appear on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” in 1970. She said she was in the green room when Cosby didn’t knock and opened the door. He then walked into her room and closed the door behind him and undid his pants. She said the whole ordeal only went on for about five minutes, but it was the longest five minutes she experienced. During the segment, Cosby didn’t make eye contact with her and she said she later felt disgusted.

Since 2015, more than 60 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault and he has denied all the allegations. He has called the women liars and said the acts that happened between them were consensual. Moritz and seven other women also sued him for defamation and he countersued those women. Even when she was sick, she still went to Washington to meet with her lawyer managing the defamation suit. In the statement, it says the claim against the actor will continue and the team handling it looks forward to a solution and to show that she was telling the truth so her legacy is not tarnished. Cosby is presently serving time in Pennsylvania after he was convicted of sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand at his home 14 years ago. He was sentenced to three years in prison for this incident.

Moritz had been sick for about a year when she died at the age of 72. She had been in hospice care after getting an injury in Washington after a fall. She later was moved back to her home when she died.

The Church Versus State: Putnam City School district in the Crossfire.

The Church Versus State: Putnam City School district in the Crossfire.

Husband and wife, Adam and Kelsey Daniels on Monday filed a lawsuit against the Putnam City school district and staff for alleged harassment and defamation of character. In the law suit, the two, claim that they have consistently been stressed and harassed by the school’s staff because of their religious practices.

According to Adam and his wife, their troubles began in 2013 when the school became aware that the Daniels practice a religion called Anramainyu. Anramainyu is described as the worship of Ahriman who is also known as the destroyer of good, god of darkness and the creator of evil. For those who practice this religion, it is not ‘Satanism.’ Adam says they worship a being that ‘predates’ Satan. The complainants claim that the indifferent treatment they have received from the school because of their religious practices is a violation of their civil rights.

The family says that, within a few years, they have been visited more than 30 times by officers from both Child Protective Service and the DHS. Apparently, all the visits were necessitated by falsified information provided by the school’s district staff. The family also added that both teachers and students bullied their children. In as much as the District officials were aware, no action was taken.

The plaintiffs also claim that their special needs daughter was subjected to strip searches by the school’s nurse on several occasions. From Adam’s perspective, “We believe that the strip searches were to check for abuse because of what they believe we do and how we practice our faith.” The same child is also said to have returned home with injuries. When asked, the school could not provide satisfactory information.

The family hopes that the lawsuit will stop the school district from using the DHS and CPS to mount pressure on them because of their religion. The lawsuit is also seeking an amount of USD 300,000 as compensation for mistreatment and defamation of character by the school district. The Daniels believe that the law suit will help them protect their special needs daughter.

Ex-Wife Sues “Monsters in the Morning” Host in Defamation Lawsuit Backed by High-Profile Lawyer Gloria Allred

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what if her high-profile husband violated her right to privacy? In a new defamation lawsuit, Samantha Boomer, ex-wife of Orlando-based “Monsters in the Morning” radio host, Russ Rollins, alleges bullying and invasion of privacy in their bitter breakup.

The suit stems from an elaborate hoax in which the popular broadcaster misled his audience into thinking he was served divorce papers live on the air, eliciting passionate listener reactions. You can watch the original video HERE. The iHeartMedia personality assumed the dramatic prank was all fun and games, but now, famed celebrity human cyber-bully-social-mediarights lawyer Gloria Allred is involved. In a news conference, Allred announced her client’s merciless taunting, proclaiming her a victim of bullying both online and in her Florida community.

In the age of social media, cyber bullying, is on the tip of Americans’ tongues. After the stunt, Boomer claims she was tormented in online forums like the comments section of this Barstool Sports article (NSFW), which has since been disabled. Writers of the website openly shamed Boomer, inciting recent feminist backlash. Supported by Allred, she alleges emotional distress perpetuated by the video and listeners’ hateful comments, calling for Rollins and his employer to pay up. The case raises tricky questions regarding social media responsibility, the blending of real-life controversy and entertainment, and what constitutes legal liability when a person’s reputation is on the line.

“Monsters in the Morning” is known for its bawdy humor, but in hindsight, Rollins’ stunt seems an obvious recipe for disaster–despite his successful ploy for ratings. He and Boomer have a storied history of make-ups and break-ups, and the feuding spouses recently underwent a lengthy divorce settlement. Revelations of Rollins’ alleged boomers-lawsuitviolence against his ex-wife, some seven instances of domestic abuse, make his on-air actions a bit precarious.

In light of Boomer’s lawsuit, the radio station is now backpedaling, issuing a public statement apologizing for Rollins “incorrectly” stating his wife had ordered papers to be served during the broadcast. Central Florida’s news affiliate WFTV 9 has been leading reports on the controversy since February, but as of Monday, the talk show comedian refused to further comment.

What do you think: did the prank go too far?