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Rideshare App Lyft Being Sued for Collision that Injured 9

A pedestrian, Sara Polanco, is claiming negligence on the part of rideshare app Lyft after a truck collided with two of Lyft’s vehicles and then veered onto the sidewalk. The collisions involved multiple vehicles and injured a total of 11 different people, 9 of which are included in the lawsuit. Polanco’s lawsuit has the truck driver, Lyft, and two of Lyft’s drivers at fault for the damages that resulted from the series of collisions.

The collision has so far resulted in criminal charges against the truck driver, Christopher Jose Solis. Solis was driving his Toyota Tacoma when his vehicle collided with the first Lyft driver who was picking up passengers, then collided into a second Lyft vehicle across the street that was full of patrons leaving a local bar. Solis then careened onto the sidewalk where Polanco was struck. Solis was allegedly under the influence of marijuana at the time of the collisions. Solis is facing multiple felony charges including driving under the influence, hit and run, and a misdemeanor charge for property damages. There is a change he faces sentencing enhancement for the bodily injury done to a total of 11 individuals involved in the accident.

Polanco’s attorney has claimed that she suffered a shattered pelvis and a lacerated liver from the crash. Polanco was hospitalized in critical condition after the crash and spent several weeks recovering in the hospital. As of this writing, she is still recovering at her home and is only able to get around with the use of a wheelchair. Her medical bills have totaled nearly $1 million dollars.

Solis, the driver of the truck that started the collisions, was pulled over by local police just before the accident. Solis claimed that he was speeding to avoid robbers that had attempted to steal a laptop he had in his vehicle.

Polanco’s attorney is auguring that Lyft intentionally trains its drivers to prioritize picking up and dropping off the users of its rideshare app over the safety of others. Her attorney has also claimed that by having no dedicated loading and unloading zones in major metropolitan areas, Lyft is risking the safety of pedestrians and other drivers.

Lyft representatives have declined to comment on the lawsuit.