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E-Cigarette Company Sued Due to Explosion of Product in Florida

A man from Naples, FL has filed a lawsuit after things went incredibly wrong when he used an electronic cigarette. As he used the e-cigarette, it exploded in his mouth. The explosion not only burned his face, but it also burned the soft tissue of his throat and lungs. The accident briefly left the man in a coma, but he has since awoken from the coma.

E-cigarette-law-suitThis week, Evan Spahlinger filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County. This lawsuit targets the companies that manufactured the electronic cigarette as well as the company that sold him the e-cigarette. Spahlinger claims that he was misled, since electronic cigarettes are constantly referred to as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Millions of people across the United States use electronic cigarettes. These products work by delivering vaporized nicotine to the user via a heated liquid solution. However, in the past few years, many questions and concerns about health and fire risks of electronic cigarettes have arose. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation recently made the move to ban electronic cigarettes from checked bags on flights.

Spahlinger’s lawyer, John J. Uustal, has said that this accident has left Evan permanently disfigured and in extreme mental anguish. The Floridian man choose to file the lawsuit in Miami-Dade County because the companies involved in the lawsuit conduct major business in this county.

The lawsuit states that Spahlinger purchased the “Rig Mod V.2” electronic cigarette in Naples from the Vaping Station. VapeAMP, which is based in San Diego, manufactured the electronic cigarette. The companies involved in this lawsuit refused to comment.

Spahlinger used the electronic cigarette for a period of three months. In October, the e-cigarette burst into flames while Spahlinger had it in his mouth. This caused him to inhale a substantial amount of smoke, flames, and hot air. Due to these severe burn injuries, Spahlinger was rushed to Kendall Regional Medical Center’s burn unit. Due to the internal burns, Spahlinger’s lungs and esophagus began to swell as he was rushed to the burn unit.

In order to treat his injuries, doctors placed Spahlinger in a medically-induced coma. However, according to Uustal, the man’s injuries have been deemed permanent. He will require constant and extensive care for these permanent injuries.