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Eugenie Bouchard Sues Over Fall on Tile at US Open

Eugenie Bouchard not only played, but won her final match at the US Open several months ago. Now, five weeks later, she’s filed a lawsuit against the United States Tennis Association and its Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. While she was attending the event, she fell in the physical therapy room sustaining a head injury as a result of the condition of the tile floor.

Bouchard-law-suitThe Incident

According to the lawsuit, on September 4th, Bouchard fell as a result of “a slippery, foreign and dangerous substance on the floor.” The lawsuit states the tournament caused the condition of the floor and failed to provide any warning about that condition. The substance was a cleaning agent that was supposed to be left on the floor overnight, during a time when the floor would not be in use. Bouchard entered the room after a late mixed doubles match and a news conference that followed.

There was no response from the tournament about the incident. However, Benedict Morelli, the attorney Bouchard hired, stated that if the organization planned to perform this type of task, they should have closed and locked the door, which they did not do.

Bouchard Still Suffering

The 21-year old Bouchard is still struggling with her injury, her attorney points out. She was forced to withdraw from a tournament in Wuhan, China as a result. The previous year, she managed to reach the final at that tournament. And, dizziness caused her to withdraw from another match occurring in Beijing. According to reports, she’s also had to withdraw from events in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In addition to being unable to compete, the inability to play has impacted her rankings in the world. She peaked at Number 5 in 2014, but this year she has dropped to Number 39. At the time of the incident, she was at Number 25.

At the time of the filing of the lawsuit, her attorney stated that they could be seeking millions of dollars in losses as a result of the incident. However, because her symptoms are still unknown, there was not specific dollar amount listed. Additionally, the lawsuit requests a jury trial.